Privacy policy

London Ear Festival is promoted by Uroboros Ensemble Limited, a Registered Charity.

We guarantee that all personal information will be stored securely, only used to contact you in connection with music-related matters (and occasionally other art forms), and will not be sold or passed to anyone else.

If, at any time in the future,  Uroboros Ensemble and London Ear Festival divide into two independent organisations, personal data may remain with both organisations subject to both endorsing this privacy statement.

Information is only kept on our computers (and remote backups), and on MailChimp. It may be held indefinitely, or until Uroboros Ensemble and London Ear Festival cease to function (when all personal data would be deleted), but anyone on our mailing list can unsubscribe at anytime.

If you require further information regarding privacy please contact:

Uroboros Ensemble Limited
2 Sandfields Farm Cottage
CV37 9SW
Tel: +44 1789 751 325