2018 Programme Of Events


London Ear 2018 features three main themes: music by Japanese composers, music by composers from countries with a Baltic coastline, and a retrospective look at the music of Luciano Berio, including his complete works for piano, and several of his Sequenzas for solo instruments. As always there are several world and British premieres, many by British composers. The festival programme below shows the wide range of nationalities of the composers represented in London Ear 2018; performers come from the UK, Japan, Finland, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.
The programme below lists all the concerts and the supporting events such as talks and workshops.
Booking not yet open. Please note this is a provisional plan, and that times and venues may change.
** = World première;  * = UK première

WEDNESDAY 21st March:          

   6.30 pm  CELLO FACTORY: Festival Reception, and short performance by the
                  London Ear Featured Young Performer(s)

THURSDAY 22nd March:

   9.30 am  HOLYWELL MUSIC SHOP:  Harp Workshop with Gabriella dall’Olio
   6.00 pm  CELLO FACTORY: Luciano BERIO – Sequenza III, for Voice Laura Monaghan (soprano)
   6.15 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  Pre-concert talk with Christopher Fox
   7.30 pm  WAREHOUSE:  [Concert 1] London Sinfonietta  with Hilary Summers (mezzo-soprano)
Toru TAKEMITSU – Quatrain II
Gabriele COSMI – Musica per cinque strumenti **
Christopher FOX- Caoineadh **
Yûta BANDOH – Bubbles I (2017) for 5 players **
Franco DONATONI – L’Ultima Sera
    9.30 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 2] Uroboros Ensemble and Jonathan Powell (piano)
A Composers’ Competition finalist – Piece for ensemble
Luciano BERIO – Six Encores
Gwyn PRITCHARD – Madrigal
A Composers’ Competition finalist – Piece for piano solo
Franco DONATONI – Small
Andrea CAVALLARI – vice-versa **

FRIDAY 23rd March:

   9.30 am  CELLO FACTORY:  Flute workshop with Roberto Fabbriciani
   12.30 pm CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 3] Piano Recital by Jonathan Powell 
Dobromiła JASKOT – Atnongara *
Dariusz PRYZBYLSKI – In the Shadow of Emily D *
Arturas BUMšTEINAS – New work **
Gailė GRICIŪTĖ – This Too Will Pass*
Luciano BERIO – Sonata for Piano
   6.00 pm  CELLO FACTORY: Luciano BERIO – Sequenza I, for FluteRoberto Fabbriciani (flute)
   6.15 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  Pre-concert talk – TBC
   7.30 pm  WAREHOUSE:  [Concert 4]  Ensemble ö! 
Jonathan HARVEY – Lotuses
Rolan MOSER – A Poem and a Scene *
A Composers’ Competition finalist – Piece for ensemble
Asia AHMETJANOVA – New work **
Luciano BERIO – O King
David Sontòn CAFLISCH – Attilas Nacht *
Misato MOCHIZUKI – Voilages *
   9.30 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 5]  UMS ‘n JIP, Roberto Fabbriciani (flute) and Jonathan Powell (piano)
JIP – Modul 1.1 *
James ERBER – memento a/i **
Kotoka SUZUKI – Reservoir *
Franco DONATONI – Midior
Shintaro IMAI – Subtle Oscillation *

SATURDAY 24th March:

   12.30 pm CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 6]  Roberto Fabbriciani and Neo Quartet
Henrik STRINDBERG – Zum-Zum *
Toshio HOSOKAWA – Vertical Song 1 (flute solo) *
Martin STAUNING – Welkende Schalen *
A Composers’ Competition finalist – Piece for flute solo
Erkki-Sven TÜÜR – String Quartet No.2 ‘Lost Prayers’ *
   2.00 pm  RAMBERT, MERCURY STUDIO:  Composers’ Workshop with Misato Mochizuki
   5.30 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  Luciano BERIOSequenza VI, for Viola Tomoko Akasaka (viola)
   5.45 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  Pre-concert talk by Talia Pecker Berio (tbc)
  7.00 pm  ST JOHN’S CHURCH:  [Concert 7]  Helsinki Chamber Choir, cond: Nils Schweckendiek
Luciano BERIO – Cries of London
Mailika KISHINO – Prayer / Inori **(this version)
Alejandro VINAO – Fear **
Antti AUVINEN – on,-ne,-ni *
   9.00 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 8]  Ensemble Via Nova
Peter LANG – Cembra *
Johannes HILDEBRANDT – Fünf*
Helmut ZAPF – New work **
Susanne STELZENBACH – Metamorphose 1 *
Hollie HARDING – New work **
Toshio HOSOKAWA – In die Tiefe der Zeit
Eunsil KWON – New work ** 

SUNDAY 25th March:

12.30 pm CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 9]  Brunch Concert with UMS ‘n JIP and Tomoko Akasaka (viola)
Haris KITTOS – Hectic *
A Composers’ Competition finalist – Piece for viola solo
Luciano BERIO – Gesti
Toshio HOSOKAWA – Threnody
Beat GYSIN – Der Spanier *
   5.30 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  Luciano BERIO – Sequenza IV, for Piano Jonathan Powell (piano)
   5.45 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  Pre-concert talk  by Tim Rutherford-Johnson
   7.00 pm  CELLO FACTORY:  [Concert 10]  Neo Quartet and Jonathan Powell (piano)
Rebecca SAUNDERS – Fletch
Luciano BERIO – Rounds
Luciano BERIO – Cinque variazioni
A Composers’ Competition finalist – Piece for string quartet
Dariusz PRZYBYLSKI – Green and Maroon, Homage a Mark Rothko
Iannis XENAKIS – Akea
Akira NISHIMURA – String Quartet No.2 ‘Pulses of Light’