Between The (y)Ears 2015

Between the (y)Ears

Between the biennial festivals in 2014 and 2016, London Ear presented four days of new music in Waterloo.

19 th March

5pm – Harp Workshop for performers and composers – The Cello Factory

Workshop for harpists & composers on contemporary harp techniques & DONATONI’s masterpiece Marches.

7pm – Between the Years Reception – The Cello Factory

BERIO – Sequenza III for voice
SOLLIMA – Lamentatio
BOZZOLA – Pungi-Ophos-Zyclos (UK Premiere)
PRITCHARD – Intermezzo
DONATONI – Marches

Laura Monaghan soprano, Chiara Scucces flute, Emilio Checchini clarinet, Michele Marco Rossi cello

20th March

6pm – Finissage and Cocktail – The Cello Factory

THE artists
llaria Mare, Riccardo Cavallari, Veronica Citi, Susan Haire, FrankHinks

7pm – Concert – The Warehouse

BILLONE – mani goncha
BALDI – In punta
New work from a call for scores
PRITCHARD – Features and Formations
CAVALLARI – Whim of silence II

9.30pm – Video Concert – The Cello Factory

FELDMAN – Palais de Mari
CAVALLARI – Three Flags II (after a work by Jasper Johns)
Luisa Valeria Carpignano Piano
Veronica Citi video

22nd March

Midday – Coffee and Music – The Cello Factory

FILIDEI – Texture
New work from a call for scores
TROIANI – Sotterranee. In ombra

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