Opening reception, and concert by London Ear Soloists

Date - Wednesday 20 March
7:00 pm The Cello Factory

Reception, including performances of solo works from each
    of the six featured countries, given by members of
London Ear Soloists (Florence, Basel & London)
    Jenni Hogan and Luciano Tristaino – flutes
    Natalia Benedetti – clarinet
    Egidius Streiff – violin
    Anton Lukoszevieze – cello

London Ear Festival 2013 invites you to attend our opening reception at The Cello Factory (free admission). After a glass of wine (or two!) enjoy performances of short contemporary works from each of the festival’s six featured countries (AT, DE, IT, NO, CH, UK) given by members of London Ear Soloists (Florence, Basel and London), some of who will also be appearing later in the festival. A foretaste of things to come…

Helmut Lachenmann (DE)
Dal niente (Interieur III) for clarinet

Thomas Kessler (CH)
Violin Control for violin & electronics *

Andrea Cavallari (IT)
Lightness for two flutes *

Gwyn Pritchard (GB)
Nocturne for clarinet *

Ruben Sverre Gjertsen (NO)
Fluente for cello *

Bernhard Lang (AT)
Schrift 1.2 for flute *